Everyone needs a little breathing room.

 At Airistar Technologies® we understand that our customers want clean air, without losing essential floor space. This fact has led us to work closely with select furniture manufacturers who create custom space-saving solutions for our air purification units. By pairing our specific skills with their unique designs, our units can be tucked away out of site while still efficiently reducing contaminants in the air.

Many harmful particles in the air are heavy, which causes them to fall to ground level. This is why Airistar® products intake air through the bottom of the unit, near the floor, where particulate levels are highest. After passing through six stages of purification, the clean air is then exhausted through the top of the unit establishing a pattern of circulation.

Though Airistar® units are designed to placed on the floor, you can enjoy the benefits of their advanced technology without giving up valuable floor space. We will partner with the furniture manufacturer of your choice in order to create a custom solution for your environment. Below are samples of a furniture manufacturer's work, click on their link below, or contact an Airistar® Sales Representative for details.


Nerwin & Martin


Specialty Orders from Airistar®


Lighted End Cap and Gaming Table with Air Purification

(Negative Pressure Box shown)

Positive and Negative Pressure Boxes...And Much More.












































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