Filter Replacement

Filter Replacement Instructions and Schedule    

General Instructions

Follow the procedures below whenever you replace any of the filters or UV lamp(s) of your Airistar 500 or Airistar 1000 unit.

  1. Turn off the unit and disconnect it from all sources of electrical power.
  2. Allow blower to stop fully.
  3. Unlatch and lift the lid of the unit.
  4. Unlatch the internal filter lid.
  5. Wear rubber gloves, remove filters and place in plastic bags for disposal.
  6. Replacement filters must be match the "color code" for proper installation.
  7. Close and re-latch lids, re-connect to electrical power and turn the unit on.

Replacement Schedule

Every environment is different, and as such, each installation requires a custom filter replacement schedule. The following filter schedules are only estimates for light, or heavy indoor air pollution environments.

For step by step instructions on how to change your filters, please check your owner's manual. For more on when to change your filters, please contact us or your distributor.
























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