Efficiency by Design

The true efficiency of an air purification system is determined by the amount of air changes per hour (ACH) it is able to provide; or more simply, how many times it completely replaces the air in one hour. Airistar® products were designed with maximum efficiency in mind and provide more air changes per hour than similar size units on the market.

Our product features work together to effectively clean a higher volume of air. Please read below to see how key aspects of our technology contribute to the success of our air purification units:

HAPA™ Filter Media

HEXAFLOW™, our patent-pending six-stage purification process, features High Airflow Particulate Air (HAPA™) filter media. HAPA™ filter media has an excellent depth loading capacity and is able to clean more air using less filter surface. HAPA™ is rated to capture 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns at airflow ratios that surpass the performance of traditional HEPA filters.

Airistar® units provide a maximum airflow of 500 or 1000 cubic feet per minute (depending on the product model). The high airflow and efficiency of HAPA™ filter media allows us to produce a physically smaller air purification unit and generate higher airflow than competitive manufacturers.

Unique Air Circulation Pattern

Contaminants in the air such as dust, pollen and smoke, are heavier than the air itself, causing them to drift down to ground level. That is why Airistar® purification systems are placed on the floor and take air in through the bottom of the unit where particulate levels are the highest.

After the air enters the system, it passes through six stages of purification before being exhausted out the top of the unit. As the purified air is exhausted, it pushes more air from the atmosphere back through the bottom of the unit creating a unique pattern of circulation that allows all of the air in the area to be cleaned. This circulation pattern avoids re-cleaning the same air and assures that contaminants from every level of the atmosphere will pass through the purification process.

Special Motor Placement

The placement of our motor is essential to the efficiency of our products. To move the air, we use a backward curve German made EBM motor placed behind the filter chamber. From this unique position, the motor is able to pull rather than push the incoming air through the filters permitting a more even distribution of particulate matter across the filter surfaces. The life of the motor is significantly increased, because it is always operating in a clean environment. What's more, the filters work better and are able to clean a higher volume of air.





























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